IBM Design


While at IBM Design, I’ve been part of the Cloud Data Services, dashDB, and Data Science Experience design teams. I also participated in a three month immersive design thinking bootcamp, where I solved company-wide and product-specific problems. Currently I work as a front end developer and visual designer, and I also have experience in UX design and user research.

I’m part of a cross-disciplinary team comprised of UX designers, visual designers, product managers, back end developers, and content creators. The team is distributed internationally, so I’m well-versed in remote collaboration.

Process & Technology Used

Design Thinking, collaborative workshops, remote collaboration tools, user research, sketching, prototyping (paper, digital, and coded), Illustrator, Sketch, HTML, CSS, JS, git and GitHub, style guides.

Challenges Faced & Problems Solved

I’ve worked on three different products and three design thinking driven projects. Each had their own sets of challenges and solutions. The common thread with all the work I’ve done at IBM Design is that it is user-focused and the product of consistent collaboration.

Some projects I’m most proud of include: