Houseplants: A Collection


I worked on this personal project to further my illustration and lettering skills and to learn about animation tools (GSAP) and a plugin (pagePiling) I was curious about.

Process & Technology Used

Sketchbook, hand lettering, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, jQuery, GSAP, and pagePiling.js.

Challenges Faced & Problems Solved

I wanted the project to be personal and approachable. I was inspired by plant guides and used that to describe plants in my home in a more meaningful way. I chose Cousine as the typeface because it reminded me of scientific plant guides and it has some personality without being overwhelming.

This was my first time using GSAP outside of a workshop setting. I utilized the GSAP documentation and forum to troubleshoot an issue of an initial flash of content. I then ran into difficulties getting the animations to work as expected within the context of the plugin. I resolved this by debugging in dev tools and consulting the plugin documentation.