Animating Height

A reference for animating the height of an element using height, max-height, and scale(Y).

Learning CSS Grid

Layout possiblities are endless and I'm excited about how creative CSS Grid empowers us to be.

Wayfinding with Animation

Animation is a wonderful way to help your users find their way in your product. 🎉

Learn by Recreating

One of the best ways I've found to learn a new skill is to recreate.

Blogging and Branding Basics

Branding and blogging tips, tricks, and pitfalls I’ve encountered over the past couple of years, as told to TIY students.

How My Liberal Arts Education Helps Me as a Developer

The core skills I learned in undergrad have been invaluable to my work as a front end developer.

Tutorial: Make a Sassy Guessing Game

Let’s learn how to use Sass to make a number guessing game!

Teaching Kids to Code

Learning to code is so much more–it teaches skills that are useful in any subject, from language arts, to social studies, to science.

2016 Dev/Design Goals

I'm only starting to scatch the surface of things to learn and I'm in awe of all the things I don't know that I don't know.